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Other Services


EPS can provide you with a very detailed Surveillance service. If you need to know it, then EPS will help you to find it out (Corporate or Domestic).

Counter Surveillance

Our counter surveillance service can be used if you have valuable information, need to keep information private, or even find out who wants to know what you know. EPS can conduct this specialist service for both Corporate or Domestic needs.

Anti Surveillance

Trust your instincts, let EPS help to prevent those who are looking and listening at your valued assets. EPS can provide overt operatives or covert operatives as a deterrent and to confirm your followers. EPS can also supply an electronic BUG sweep to detect any unwanted guests.

Private Investigation

EPS can conduct private investigation to help you investigate, an elusive partner, missing goods/stock, corporate espionage, theft to missing person/s.

Please contact us for more information on any of the services mentioned above.