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Executive Protection

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security 004EPS specialise in providing Executive Protection to the Worlds Fortune 500 companies and to the top of the Forbes list. With a professional approach to the clients’ safety, also with the practicality of the protectee(s) every day schedule, being business or personal. From the Aircraft steps to the meeting or hotel room (for example).

Executive Protection is the integration and deployment of physical and technical security measures and countermeasures to protect the life of the protectee(s), corporate assets, or property. In short, Executive Protection is a 1-8 member team or more, that is assigned to protect the client, their families and their assets. An extensive confidential consultation will give us an opportunity to build a client portfolio. When threats are discovered, they will then be identified, validated, and classified. Evolution Protection Services will conduct Threat Assessments and Site Advance security 043team before any protective detail is begun. Threat Assessments and Site Advance deployment are essential to the client’s risk mitigation and are constantly monitored and reviewed.

Once the threat, needs and desires of the client/s are established and agreed upon, the protective detail will be assembled and deployed. The client may want a Trained Security Driver all the way up to a Complete Executive Protection Team. The Executive Protection Detail is trained to stabilize, diffuse and de-escalate confrontations or contentious situations. The detail is designed to be pro-active in regards to incident avoidance. The Protective Detail is not just present to “cover and evacuate” the client should an unfortunate event arise. The Protective Detail will assist in all logistics planning and coordination of the client’s daily lives.